About these Terms

  1. To pursue its goals, Boleum Energy & Technology Limited operates a communication web site (hereinafter the “Website”) devised to offer online vendor/supplier platform that are intended to be accessible to a broad audience, and to allow  vendors/supplier register and upload their profile. The Website is available at vendor-management.boleum.org.
  2. Registration take place via a dedicated online form on the Website.
  3. These Terms and Conditions of Registration (hereafter “Terms”) establish the conditions of registration and membership and the terms of use of the vendors/suppliers Area. A vendor/supplier shall expressly accept these Terms on registration and is bound to comply with them.
  4. Any new services, offered online in the vendors/suppliers Area after initial registration, shall also be governed by these Terms unless otherwise specified.
  5. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited reserves the right to amend the present Terms at any time and without prior notice


  1. Registration and membership is open to all companies who have an interest in partnering with Boleum Energy & Technology Limited.
  2. Each User shall only register once.
  3. The User shall register online to become a vendor or supplier of Boleum Energy & Technology Limited.
  4. Vendors/Suppliers of the Association shall expressly accept Boleum’s Statutes on registration and are bound to comply with them.
  5. By registering with Boleum Energy & Technology Limited, the User accepts that most communications with Boleum Energy & Technology Limited and its vendors or suppliers will take place electronically.
  6. It is the User’s responsibility to make sure that she/he has sufficient access to Internet to participate to the activities at the desired extent.
  7. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited screens registration applications and reserves itself the right to reject a registration without stating the reasons.
  8. Upon registration, vendors/suppliers are required to supply their name, email address, mail address, RC number, Tin number, company legal structure and a password.
  9. Vendors/Suppliers requesting to be registered as Boleum Vendor/Supplier are required in addition to supply an affiliation and a list of publications. Boleum’s team will verify that the vendor/supplier fulfills the necessary conditions for being registered as a Boleum Vendors /Suppliers.
  10. Vendors/Supplier vouch that data supplied on registration are true and complete, and that they are kept up-to-date after registration.
  11. It is expressly forbidden to place accounts at the disposal of third parties and to disclose access details to third parties.
  12. For technical reasons, Boleum Energy & Technology Limited cannot establish with certainty whether a registered Member really is the person he/she claims to be. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited shall therefore provide no guarantee as to Vendor’s/Supplier’s true identities. So in this case Vendors/Suppliers are responsible for any case of miss leading information in cases of suspicion.
  13. Registration as a Vendor/Supplier results in a contractual relationship (usage contract) between Boleum Energy & Technology Limited and her Vendors/Suppliers. By accepting the Terms, they become a contract component. A vendor/Supplier receives a personal, non-transferable right, revocable at any time, to use the contents and services provided by the Website and undertakes to comply with these Terms and the restrictions set out in them during such use.
  14. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue individual services and/or sections of the Vendor’s/Supplier’s Area, or all of them, at any time and without prior notice, in whole or in part. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited reserves the further right to limit or deny access to individual or all services, without prior notice at any time.

Termination of Membership

  1. Vendors/Suppliers can resign their membership with Boleum Energy & Technology Limited at any time by communicating their decision by mail or email (see contact details below)
  2. Vendors/Suppliers can be terminated by decision from the Board of Directors. The concerned person has the right to appeal against this decision at Boleum’s premises
  3. Resigned Vendors/Suppliers can apply to revive their registration at any time. The decision to revive a registration is taken by the Board of Directors.

Use of the Members Area

  1. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited shall provide Vendors/Suppliers the access to use the Vendors/Suppliers Area for the purpose of interactively publishing, sharing, developing and uploading documents in view of becoming Boleum’s potential partners or suppliers.
  2. Vendors/Suppliers Area is designed to offer various tools to allow Vendors/Suppliers to organize themselves as a network and to create, review and update their profiles (text and other material) in the pursuit of these goals.
  3. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited is bound to monitor and check content added by Vendors/Suppliers to ensure that no unlawful content and/or content contrary to these Terms appears on the Website. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited further reserves the right to delete such content without notice or suspicion exists, that such content breaches applicable law and/or the provisions of these Terms.

Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual rights pertaining to the Website, its software, design, contents (text, pictures and other material), news, updates, notifications as well as all email notifications sent by it are ruled by Boleum’s Copyrights notice. Boleum’s Copyrights notice forms part of these Terms. By using this Website, Vendors/Suppliers indicate that they accept and comply with it.
  2. In particular, the Vendors/Suppliers Area offers access to contents with reserved copyrights. These contents may not be copied, transformed or distributed without the prior written consent by Boleum Energy & Technology Limited.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

  1. In the Vendors/Suppliers Area, Vendors/Suppliers of Boleum Energy & Technology Limited are granted access to unpublished personal profiles and other types of information. All such data are of a confidential nature and are to be held undisclosed outside of the designated (possibly restricted) circle of Vendors/Suppliers Area.
  2. Data from theVendors/Supplierss Area (text or other material) may not be disclosed or used outside the designated (possibly restricted) circle of Members of Boleum Energy & Technology Limited  and in accordance with Boleum’s Copyrights.
  3. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited can not be made liable for the disclosure, or its consequences, by any Vendor/Supplier of any confidential data (text or other material) submitted to the Website.
  4. By registering as a Vendor/Supplier, Vendors/Suppliers indicate that they are responsible for the non-disclosure of the data made available to them in the Vendors/Suppliers Area and that they will report any event of breach to this Non-Disclosure Agreement Article to Boleum Energy & Technology Limited.

Rules of Conduct

  1. All contents submitted to Boleum Energy & Technology Limited shall adhere to basic rules of conduct. An appropriate tone and relevance of the content are required. It is in particular prohibited to submit content which:
    • is openly offensive and fosters or incites racism, bigotry, hatred or physical violence of any kind against groups or individuals or force of any kind against property;
    • is offensive, threatening, obscene, disrespectful, indecent, defamatory or libellous or causes harassment in another way or supports such undesirable forms of behaviour;
    • comprises nudity, violence or indecent images;
    • publishes information which poses a risk to the protection of personal data or security;
    • contains or endorses information which, to the best of the Vendor’s/Supplier’s knowledge, is false or misleading;
    • infringes intangible property rights (to trademarks, designs, patents or copyright), especially which constitutes or promotes illegal or unauthorized copies of copyright works of other persons, e.g. pirated copies of computer programs or links to them, information on defeating copy protection set up by manufacturers and pirated copies of music or links to pirated copies of music files;
    • entails sending junk mails, chain letters or unsolicited mass mailings, SMS, spinning or spamming;
    • has restricted, password-only access or contains hidden pages or images;
    • promotes or supports unlawful acts or plans or contains instructions on illegal acts, e.g. making or buying illegal weapons, breach of privacy or the supply or development of computer viruses;
    • requires other users to disclose passwords or personal particulars for commercial or illegal purposes, or is designed to do so;
    • contains photographs of other people, which have been published without the consent of those people;
    • infringes, or attempts to infringe, in particular privacy laws, contract law or the rights of third parties;
    • contains website links which are prohibited under this Article.
  2. Boleum’s Conflict of Interest Policy defines what is considered a conflict of interest and how it shall be prevented in the peer review of contents. Boleum’s Conflict of Interest Policy forms part of these Terms. By participating in the peer review of contents, Vendors/Suppliers indicate that they accept and comply with it.

Data Protection and Use of Information by Boleum Energy & Technology Limited

  1. Collection, protection, use and transmission of personal data submitted to the Website or other User data collected by Boleum Energy & Technology Limited are ruled by Boleum’s Privacy Policy. Boleum’s Privacy Policy form part of these Terms. By using this Website, Vendors/Suppliers indicate that they accept and comply with it.


  1. The first language used for the communication and publications shall be English. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited intends to introduce additional languages in the future.
  2. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited may not be made liable for not providing translations in a language other than English or for translation inconsistencies in translated documents.


  1. No guarantees shall be given as to the accuracy of information and opinions conveyed via the Website, either expressly or implicitly.
  2. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited shall give no guarantees regarding the minimum availability of the Website. It shall, however, endeavour to maximize such availability. Vendors/Suppliers shall note that software underlying the Website is continually undergoing development and that processes cannot be guaranteed to be fault-free at all times.
  3. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited expressly reserves the right to block the Vendors/Suppliers Area without notice, where necessary to investigate malfunctions, for maintenance work or for closer examination of cases of abuse.


  1. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited hereby disclaims all liability for the Website, in particular for content displayed thereon and communications passed via it. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited shall likewise not be liable for any losses arising from impossibility of use of the Website. Such disclaimer shall also apply to interruption, temporary suspension or termination of the services.
  2. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited shall in no case be liable for content provided by Vendors/Suppliers. Vendors/Suppliers are alone responsible for all information and data which they send.
  3. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited shall accept no liability for links, for contents of pages linked, and for content uploaded by Vendors/Suppliers and/or third parties. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited has no third-party web sites. If Boleum Energy & Technology Limited incurs loss through the behaviour of third parties, they shall indemnify Boleum Energy & Technology Limited accordingly.
  4. Boleum Energy & Technology Limited shall not be liable for minor negligence or indirect losses.

Final Provisions

  1. Should any provision of these Terms, including the applicable Conflict of Interest Policy, Copyrights notice and Privacy Policy, be considered unworkable, this shall not affect the validity of all or any other provisions. Failure by Boleum Energy & Technology Limited to implement a provision shall imply no waiver thereof.

Communicating with Boleum Energy & Technology Limited

  1. Communication with Boleum Energy & Technology Limited can be made by mail or email.
  2. The mailing address is:
    Boleum Energy & Technology Limited
    Kilometer 1,Off Refinery Road, Ekpan, Warri
  3. The email address for all communications concerning these Terms is: info@boleum.org
  4. The main website is: https://www.boleum.org